The Kids

The Kids

Friday, January 8, 2010

WOW... It's SNOW!!!

We got just enough snow to do some sledding... or should I say sliding!
This is our wonderful driveway... or should I say slide!

I guess it's time to go in!!!

When the kids came in... I went back out with my SALT Shaker!!!
Now we're heading to Tennessee!

See ya'll in a few!!!



Katina Angola said...

You did all that with just a salt shaker?!?!?!

The Holler Hinckleys said...

Yep... When I ran out of salt in the shaker, I had to go in and find what was left in the 'Mortons' Box(I think that's the brand)!!! It was amazing! As soon as I would sprinkle a little on... It would immediatly start melting! I'm sure the neighbors were all looking out their windows having a good laugh!!!